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Bingo Doggo™ Custom No-Pull Harness [Free Today]

Bingo Doggo™ Custom No-Pull Harness [Free Today]

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Pet Safety Month Giveaway

We are giving away 100 Custom No-Pull Harnesses to celebrate Pet Safety Month - just cover shipping

Slips On in 2 Seconds

Finally a harness that is actually easy to put on!  Simply slide the No-Pull Harness over the pup's head and buckle it up.  Adjust the straps as needed and it's time for adventure.

No Pull Design - Calmer Walks Guaranteed

Traditional collars can lead to crushed windpipes and discomfort for our furry friends.  Our No-Pull Harness is designed to evenly distribute tension across the dogs body instead of directly on the neck.  This results in less pulling, less choking, and much calmer walks.

Increased Safety at Night

A majority of car accidents involving pets happen at night.  The low visiblity can be extremely dangerous for a small animal that doesn't understand external dangers.  Our No-Pull Harness features 360° Reflective striping to make sure our furry friends are visible at all times.

Great for all Breeds & Sizes

Our No-Pull Harness works great for all sizes of pooch, from the tiniest teacups to the largest breeds.  The dog-centric design is the key to these fantastically fitting harnesses.

Personalized for Safe Return 

A lost dog is truly the worst nightmare for many of us, this is why we offer free personalization for every harness.  This increases visibility and massively increases the chances of recovering a lost pet.



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30 Day Guarantee

At Bingo Doggo, we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders. We rely on the happiness of our customers, so if anything doesn't match your expectations, we will make things right. Contact us anytime you have questions or concerns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Vergie Franecki

Very nice harness. Saw it on facebook. Would recommend. It's very easy to put on and off.

Ashly Rowe

My girl took to the new harness right away. She had a hard time pulling with her previous harness, but she seems to be doing better with this one.

Trycia Marks

awesome harness for buddy 👍🐕👍🐕🐶👍🐶

Anika Aufderhar

Must have! We spend alot of time outside of the house. I like the increased visibility of the harness. He wears it all day with no issue.

Benjamin Kunde

Lovely, very happy with the harness. Walking doesn't feel like such a chore now that my yorkie can breathe lol